Drain Treatment

Sunburst’s drain treatment controls odor while keeping drain lines free flowing and grease traps functioning properly. When combined with our revolutionary dispensing system, these products provide the best results for your drain lines.

LacrosseSolidDigestant / Deodorant
  • Digestant
  • Grease Trap Treatment
  • Odor control
Solid Green 22 Bio-ActiveSolidDigestant / Deodorant
  • Digestant
  • Grease Trap Treatment
  • Odor Control
BiozymeSolidSolid Bacterial Grease Trap & Drain Treatment
  • Keeps drain lines free-flowing
  • Controls odors
  • Cleans grease traps
VitalLiquidBio-Active Cleaner / Deodorant Digestant
  • Pleasant scent eliminates foul smelling odors
  • Helps liquify septic tank and drain field solids