Sunburst has the right commercial laundry sours for your specific application. Sunburst’s sours help eliminate overly dry and discolored linens without damaging fabrics, while also balancing the pH levels of the water.

ConcludeSolidSolid Laundry Sour
  • Safe for all fabrics
  • Balances pH
  • Brighter whites and colors
  • Controls iron stains
CONSERV SG84 - Iron Removing SourSolidIron Removing Sour
  • Helps eliminate dryer scorch
  • Final rinse assures brilliant whites
  • Cannot be spilled
FinalLiquidLaundry Sour
  • Balances pH
  • Eliminates scorching and speckling
  • Decreases fabric harshness
Final PlusLiquidIron Removing Sour
  • Removes rust & iron
  • Prevents yellowing & speckling
OutrightLiquidLaundry Sour
  • Controls discoloring
  • Adjusts final pH of water
Neutral PHLiquidLaundry Sour
  • Prevents scorch yellowing
  • Eliminates brown spotting
PTC 505LiquidLaundry Sour
  • Eliminates scorching and speckling
  • Prevents skin irritations
  • Lessens linen harshness