Stain Removers

Sunburst has the right stain removers to help maintain the brightness and quality of your linens. Sunburst offers a complete laundry Stain Removal System (SRS) that includes an oil-based laundry spotter, rust and iron removing spotter, and general use spotter. Sunburst’s stain-removing additive packets remove large, tough stains with ease and are a cost-effective method to combat the most difficult stain issues regardless of the circumstance.

SR3LiquidRust and Iron Spot Remover
  • Removes rust and iron stains
SR2LiquidFood and General Use Spot Remover
  • Removes food and other general stains
SR1LiquidOily Stain Spotter
  • Removes oil-based stains
Rust-OutPowderIron and Rust Removing Reclaim Additive
  • Removes dried stains
  • Strips iron
Enz-OutPowderOrganic Stain Reclaim Additive
  • Removes grease, oil, food, and makeup stains
  • Easy-to-use
  • Increases fabric life
EffectoLiquidMulti-Purpose Degreaser & Laundry Pre-Spotter
  • Free-rinsing
  • Multipurpose destainer, cleaner, and degreaser
  • Concentrated
Break-OutPowderAll Purpose Alkaline Reclaim Additive
  • Easy-to-use packet
  • Effective in all water conditions