Lime Remover Plus

LIME REMOVER PLUS is a strong acid cleaner for de-liming dish and pan washing machines, coffee makers, steam tables, sinks, stainless steel equipment or any fixtures having lime film incrustation or water spots. LIME REMOVER PLUS can also be used to remove rust stains from fixtures or equipment. It is not safe for use on aluminum or galvanized surfaces.

  • Effective on stainless steel, ceramic, glass and plastic
  • Super concentrated ingredients and penetrating agents provide maximum effectiveness
  • Breaks down hard water scale on contact
  • Safe to use on stainless steel – contains no muriatic, hydrochloric or sulfuric acid
  • Continued regular use helps your dishwasher, steam table, coffee maker and ice machine perform at maximum efficiency
  • Non-foaming, no sharp odors or fumes
  • NSF certified