PTC 305

PTC 305 Detergent is superior technology -concentrated detergent with a technologically advanced formulation which is safe on all textiles. Next generation detergency -available now. This product contains wetting agents and detergents that break down surface tension and penetrate deep into the soils, removing stains and soils from the fabric. Revolutionary technology that removes and dissolves body fluid stains even in hot water. Non-ionic active blends give soils and greases no chance to permanently stain fabrics. These deter- gents have controlled sudsing to make rinsing faster and more effective.

  • Biodegradable
  • Dissolves tough stains
  • Controlled sudsing
  • Safe on all fabrics
  • Fast rinsing
  • Contains no phosphorus, VOCs, APEs, NPEs, flammable liquids or corrosives
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Superior technology specifically formulated for low temperature washing