Revolution All-Purpose Cleaner

REVOLUTION ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER is a mild degreaser that emulsifies heavy loads of unburned grease and oil without the hazards of caustic. This highly concentrated foaming degreaser needs no additional scrubbing. REVOLUTION ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER rinses quickly and easily, leaving no residue or film, and also leaves stainless steel shining bright.

The SOLID REVOLUTION line provides a better alternative to traditional liquid chemistry with 100% concentrated formulas that reduce container size and required storage space. Concentrated solid products cannot be spilled, preventing splashing and increasing safety for employees and guests. Our state-of-the-art dispensers provide regulation and control while increasing workplace efficiency and safety.

  • All-purpose foaming cleaner cuts through grease, oils and heavy soils without hard scrubbing
  • Mild-to-hands
  • Non-caustic
  • Highly concentrated
  • Prevents films and streaks on hard surfaces
  • Multipurpose and multi-surface use