Revolution Extract

REVOLUTION EXTRACT is a innovative solid carpet extraction compound that is 100% active cleaning ingredients. Mild, yet very effective in removing grease, stains and soils, even from traffic lanes. Pleasant lemon fragrance leaves carpeting, upholstery and drapes smelling fresh.

The SOLID REVOLUTION line provides a better alternative to traditional liquid chemistry with 100% concentrated formulas that reduce container size and required storage space. Concentrated solid products cannot be spilled, preventing splashing and increasing safety for employees and guests. Our state-of-the-art dispensers provide regulation and control while increasing workplace efficiency.

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Additional information
  • 100% active raw materials – no water or fillers added.
  • Specially formulated to deep clean carpets.
  • Contains low foaming, highly effective ingredients.
  • Safe on all carpet types.
  • Extra rinsing aids pull soils out of carpet when extracting.
  • Each capsule yields 200 gallons of use solution.
  • Fresh lemon scent leaves carpet smelling clean

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