Solid Golden Brite

Solid Gold Brite is a super high performance alkaline detergent system. This emulsion powers out stains and keeps linens looking bright. Contains exceptional water conditioning, wetting agents, anti-redeposition ingredients and high powered linen brighteners.

  • High Performance Alkaline Detergent
  • High Powered Linen Brighteners
  • Designed for Institutional Use
  • One-Shot Emulsion Built Detergent For Effective Removal Of Soils and Stains
  • Excellent Water Conditioning
  • Safe For Employees To Handle, No Spills, No Back Injuries From Lifting Heavy Containers
  • Simplifies Detergent System
  • Produces Clean, Stainfree Linens
  • Yields Approximately 40 – 60 Loads Per 6 lb. Capsule