Solid Green 24 – Biological All-Purpose Cleaner

Solid Green 24 Solid Biological All-Purpose Cleaner emulsifies grease and oil on food preparation and meat cutting surfaces, walls, floors, or any hard surface. Biological agents will consume and break down soils on the surface so the product continues cleaning even after the job is finished.

  • Breaking down the soils eliminates odors in food preparation areas and bathrooms.
  • Solid Biological All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% Active Material; No Water Or Fillers Added
  • Made Exclusively With Ingredients That Are Environmentally Friendly
  • Heavy Duty Surfactants, Oil & Grease Removers, Food Soil Detergent And Water Conditioning Agents Lift Soils, Leaving Surfaces Shining Clean
  • Biological Agents Added To Destroy Odors And Decompose Soils After Cleaning
  • Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive; Very Safe To Use
  • Contains No Phosphorus, VOCs, APEs Or Solvents
  • Excellent Cleaning Performance In A Wide Variety Of Applications – Auto Scrubbers, Trigger Sprayers And Wipes, Foamy Pressure Wash Or Manual Scrub
  • Use To Clean Bathrooms, Food Preparation Equipment, Floors, Tables – Any Hard Surface
  • Unique Solid System Saves Space, Eliminates Container Handling And Disposal Problems; Dispenses Accurately, Reduces Use Cost
  • Each Capsule Yields 180 – 720 Gallons Of Use Solution